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Best Memory Foam Shoes For Women

Best Memory Foam Shoes For Women

Several individuals have different feet problems; some suffer from flat with, while some have ailments problems; because of these problems, people find it difficult to walk or run comfortably, especially women. To overcome these problems and provide comfort, shoe companies are working on different technologies. If you want to walk comfortably, you must have a pair of memory foam shoes in your wardrobe. Here in this article, I’ve reviewed some of the best memory foam shoes for women that you can consider buying.

Memory foam shoes are perfect for those who want to remain comfortable during walking. The memory foam soles inside the shoes reduce pressure by changing their shape according to the arch of your foot; they allow arch support, absorb heel shock, and stabilize your heel. Wearing memory foam shoes is good; however, they are very bad with some people in some situations.

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What Is Memory Foam?

Memory foam is made from polyurethane; it is mixed with other chemicals to increase its density. The foot becomes capable of molding itself to the contours of the material due to the temperature sensitivity of the foam.

Are Memory Foam Shoes Good Or Bad?

Memory foam shoes have their advantages and disadvantages. They are good in some situations and bad in some situations. Below are some pros and cons of memory foam shoes:


    • They ease the pressure by providing even distribution of balance.
    • They stabilize your feet and absorb heel shock.
    • They provide cushioning and arch support for flat feet.
    • They are suitable for standing and walking activities.


    • They don’t have much breathing space, due to which moisture remains in the shoes.
    • The moisture produces an unpleasant smell.
    • New memory foam products emit an unpleasant smell known as off-gassing.

Best Memory Foam Shoes For Women:

Below are some of the best shoes with memory foam for women:

1) Skechers Women’s Memory Foam Sneaker:

When it comes to memory foam shoes, no one can match the quality of Skechers. These Skechers memory foam shoes for women are one of the best shoes with memory foam for women. The shoes are lightweight and slip-resistant and are available in a wide range of colours.

These Skechers shoes have an attractive leather upper, a padded collar and a thick midsole for shock-absorbing steps; if you have long-standing duty hours like in a hospital, then try these shoes and remain comfortable.

Skechers Women Memory Foam SneakersView Price On Amazon

2) Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Running Shoes:

These Adidas shoes are inspired by running shoes; they are designed keeping both comfort and fashion in mind. So if you are standing all day on your job, or going for a long walk, try these Adidas shoes with memory foam for women.

The shoes are lightweight and have a textile lining. In addition, these shoes completely hug your feet, providing you with another level of comfort.

Adidas memory foam shoes for women View Price On Amazon

3) STQ Memory Foam Loafers For Women:

These STQ Women’s Loafers comes with quilted pattern decorating and are available in different colours. The shoes have a slip-on closure and memory foam inside to keep you comfortable. The rubber outsole and the padded collar add more comfort while taking steps.

These loafers are perfect for regular use and can also be worn with both casual and format outfits.


    • Padded Collar
    • Rubber outsole
    • Slip-on closure
    • Perfect for all occasions

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4) Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Fisherman Sandals:

When it comes to pure comfort, no shoes can match the comfort level that sandals provide. These Dr. Scholl’s Women’s fisherman sandals are one of the best memory foam shoes for women; the sandals come with a synthetic upper sole and have a memory insole.

The sandals have an open design style that provides your feet breathability and buildup minimum heat. In addition, the sandals are lightweight and make you look stylish.

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5) Ryka Memory Foam Shoes For Women:

These Ryka shoes with memory foam for women come in a wide range of colours. The shoes have a rubber sole and a stylish lace-up design. They are lightweight and contains fuse layers and flex-foil that provides more support to your feet.

The midsole of these shoes is constructed with dual-density foam that offers great shape retention and cushioning on impact. If you are a woman who feels pain in her feet during workouts, buy these Ryka memory foam shoes for women and forget all your pains. Trust me; these shoes will provide the best level of comfort to your feet. 😉

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6) Saucony Women’s Kineta Relay Memory Foam Shoes:

These shoes from Saucony are popular because of their stylish design and comfortability. The shoes are available in multiple colours and have an EVA+ foam midsole cushioning.

The shoes are made from a graphic mesh upper with a tonal mesh window. These Saucony are one of the most comfortable and one of the best memory foam shoes for women.

comfortable running shoes

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7) Keds Women’s Bow Eyelet Sneakers:

These Keds Women’s Bow Eyelet sneakers is a classical and attractive pair of shoes. The shoes have a simple lace design and have a heel size of approximately 1 inch; the soft, breathable upper lining keeps your feet dry and fresh.

The shoes come with rubber outsoles, and the removable memory deluxe foam provides instant and infinite comfort. Buy this pair of shoes now and walk comfortably.

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8) FILWO Unisex Memory Foam Running Shoes:

Looking for a lightweight tennis memory foam pair of shoes? Try these FILWO Unisex memory foam shoes. The shoes come in solid white colour and are perfect for walking and running.

These FILWO running shoes are one of the best memory foam shoes for women because they are lightweight and provide ample ventilation to your feet. The shoes come with a memory foam insole that reduces the load on your feet. If you’re a woman who has to stand for long hours during her duty or walk a lot, these shoes will be the perfect choice for you.

memory foam shoes for women
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9) Brooks Women Ghost 14 Running Shoes:

Forget all your difficulties while walking or standing by buying these Brooks Women ghost 14 running shoes. The shoes are available in multiple attractive colours and are one of the best memory foam shoes for women. The shoes come with a 3D print fit upper technology that hugs and supports your feet while you move.

For better comfort, the shoes have a crash pad that provides cushion on your every step. Considering its features, these Brooks Ghost 14 running shoes are a perfect option for your daily walks or other activities.

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Factors To Consider When Buying Memory Foam Shoes For Women?

Many individuals get confused when deciding on how to buy memory foam shoes? To help you out, I’ve gathered some of the factors that you shall consider when purchasing a pair of memory foam shoes for women. Below are those factors:

1) Reason To Buy:

First, keep in mind the reason you want to buy memory foam shoes; it will help you determine what features to look for. For example, you’re going a long walk or run, then choose one that has a stronger outsole.

2) Padded Collar:

Choose a pair of shoes that comes with padded collar, since it offers extra ankle support.

3) Breathable:

Choose a pair of shoes that has breathable material so that your feet remain cool while you move.

4) Footbed:

Choose a pair of shoes containing multiple levels of cushioning in the footbed.


In this article, I’ve listed some of the best memory foam shoes for women in 2022. These shoes will provide you with the highest comfort level while you move. Remember to carefully select your size when you buy any pair of shoes.

I hope that the memory foam shoes for women listed in this article will help you a lot, and you will be able to buy the perfect memory foam shoes easily.


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