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Best Mens Watches Under 2000$

Best Mens Watches Under 2000$


I can remember each wristwatch I ever owned. For most of my life, I was in love with watches. The first watch I owned was a Timex; I was about seven years old, I was so proud of it, and a week later, I discovered it wasn’t waterproof. I was devastated.

The years and watches rolled on; I remember my first digital watch, it was the size of a matchbox, and at the flick of a switch, it lit up with a brilliant red LED. At school, classmates would queue up to see this wonder of modern technology.

I thought I’d have a watch strapped to my wrist all my life.

And then it stopped, both literally and metaphorically my love affair ended. A swiss watch I owned had a nasty encounter with a brick wall that left it without glass and me without a watch.

I resorted to my phone and adapted, suddenly for the first time in my life; I had no watch or need for it. The years rolled by until one day, I saw a rather nice-looking watch in a jeweler’s window when on holiday. It glittered like the brightest jewel in the window, I’m sure I heard it call my name, in a trance-like state I entered that shop and fifteen minutes later my love affair was back on.

Why buy a watch?

I wonder how I managed to spend all those years without a watch; they are things of beauty, fashion statements with purpose, and a perfect accoutrement for a man’s wrist.

No more scrabbling about in my pocket for me each time I needed to know the time either.

I am proud to say I haven’t been without one since.

But the market had become complicated; there were a lot of great men’s watches out there just waiting for me.

This article aims to simplify the process for people like me, people who have come to realize that a watch is more than just an accessory; a watch is a friend for life.

Read on for a bit of guidance and some watch buying tips in what has become a vast and exciting market.

Tips To Buy The Best Watch:

Are you confused and think about how to choose a watch that suits you? Well, here I am presenting a watch buying guide that will clear your confusion, and you will be able to buy the best watch for yourself.

1) Consider The Watch Wearer First:

First, think that who will be wearing the watch; you should look for your wrist if you are buying it for yourself. If you are a healthy, muscly person, then a watch with a big dial will look perfect. However, if you’re wrists are thin, then a big dial watch won’t suit you.

2) Set A Budget:

Buy a watch that suits your budget. However, you can jump to a higher budget if you cannot find a quality watch within your budget.

3) Consider The Features:

Always lookout for the latest features in a watch. Like it shall be automatic, waterproof, have a chronometer rating.

4) Consider The Brand Name:

I usually buy watches from renowned brands like Seiko, Rolex, Omega. You shall consider the brand name before purchasing any watch since brand is everything these days.

5) Choose A Watch that Is Comfortable for you:

Lastly, choose a watch in which you feel comfortable since you have to wear the watch on your wrist for the whole day.

Top-Rated Men’s Watches:

Choosing the best wrist watch for men, depends in a lot of factors. So, for this section I will break the article down and choose my personal favorites from within each price range.

Best Mens Watches Under 2000:

I understand that $2000 is quite a huge amount for an average person. However, the budget is not a problem when you like something. I have bought watches in different budgets ranging from $200 to $2000. Below you can find out the best mens watches under 2000:

1) Longines Master Collection Mens Watch:

Longines is a famous watch brand from Switzerland. The brand produces the finest quality watches for both men and women.

This Longines Master Collection mens watch comes with a 38mm crocodile strap. It is an automatic watch and is also water-resistant.

Longines Master Collection Mens Watch
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2) Seiko Presage Men’s Automatic White Dial Watch:

Seiko is a famous watch brand and makes high-quality watches for men and women. I’ve bought this Seiko watch myself, and its design and features inspire me. The watch has a 20mm black leather strap and is automatic; it is also water-resistant up to 100 meters.

Seiko Presage Automatic Movement White Dial Men's Watch
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3) Alpina Alpiner 4 Automatic Men’s Watch:

This Alpina Men’s Watch is one of the best chain watches that I’ve ever bought. The watch is automatic and has a stainless-steel band. The watch is also water-resistant and has a date display.

In short, this watch is one of the best mens watches under 2000.

Alpina Men's Alpiner 4 Swiss-Automatic Watch

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4) Rado Golden Horse 1957:

What makes this watch unique is its eye-catching red-color dial. This Rado watch provides an 80-hour power reserve and is automatic. The black-leather strap along-with its steel buckles makes it one of the most stylish watches to wear.

Rado Golden Horse 1957 Red

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5) Tag Heuer Men’s Kirium F1:

Let’s reign it in a little; let’s look at a luxury watch that may be within the range of mere mortals. Tag Heuer is another of my favorite brands, and Formula One is one of my other passions. It seems sensible to combine these two passions and have a look at Tag Heuer’s Formula one branded watch.

This Kirium series of watches has always been among the most popular in the Swiss company’s range. The F1 version was released a few years after the original Kirium and promised 100% precision; it was highly promoted within the F1 paddock.

A stunning stainless-steel case encapsulates the ETA E20.231 quartz movement, waterproof to 200m, and boasting an accuracy to within 1/100th of a second; this is an absolutely stunning watch. This watch cannot be described as cheap, both in looks and performance. It is a high end, luxury watch and is one of the best mens watches under 2000.

TAG Heuer Chronograph Kirium F1

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6) Oris Aquis Automatic Blue Dial Mens Watch:

Although many people don’t like Oris Aquis watch, but this brand has a special place in my heart. Oris Aquis provides the best mens luxury watches within the range of normal people.

This Oris Aquis watch comes with a stainless-steel band and case. The watch has an eye-catching blue color dial with a date display. It’s an automatic watch and is water-resistant up to 300 meters, making it the perfect watch for divers.

Oris Aquis Automatic Blue Dial Mens Watch

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7) Frederique Constant Classics Moonphase Automatic Watch:

Frederique Constant is a Swiss brand famous for making classic watches for men and women. This classic moon phase watch is an elegant watch and comes with Roman Numerals. The watch has a brown calf leather strap and is automatic. It is one of the best mens watches under 2000.

Frederique Constant Classics Moonphase Automatic Watch

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These are some of the best mens watches under 2000. However, I understand that not everyone has that much budget; that’s why I have listed more watches under different budgets.

Best mens watches under $1000:

Let’s ramp it up a bit. Okay, for many of us, these will be luxury items, out with our price range. But there’s no harm in looking, right?

1) Seiko Prospex SPB051J1:

So, I’m biased; I’ve already admitted to having a soft spot for Seiko. But that aside, this watch sits on this list on its own merits. It is a stunning piece of engineering, and it looks just beautiful too.

This watch is a re-issue of Seiko’s first dive watch, the 6217. But it is upgraded to include a giant 42.6mm diameter face (the 6217 was 38mm). It also incorporates Seiko’s much-vaunted 6R15 Automatic movement.

SEIKO PROSPEX diver watch

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2) Hamilton Intra-Matic:

This watch design harks back to a bygone era. Simple, clean lines are the order of the day; this watch gently whispers understated elegance.

Featuring a large sunburst dial with Hamilton’s vintage ‘H’ logo discretely incorporated, it looks absolutely stunning.

It has a 38mm diameter and uses the ETA 2892-2 automatic movement that has been a rock-solid performer for years.

Best Mens Watches Under 2000

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3) Christopher Ward Trident C60 Sapphire:

Oh my, where do I start with this one. The looks of this watch completely blew me away. I absolutely love it; on looks alone, I would snap this one up. But once you add the engineering, this one becomes one of my all-time favorites.

It has a gorgeous, blue-tinted sapphire dial underneath, which is a Sellita SW200-1 automatic movement; the watch itself has a diameter of 40mm.

And of course, it is water-resistant to a whopping 600m. Although I can’t find thinking that if I ever find myself at a depth of 600m, the last thing on my mind will be my watch, no matter how stunning it is!

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Best mens watches under $200:

Such is the market these days that even watches that cost a takeaway family meal are stunning pieces of equipment. But what if you raise the bar just a touch more.

Let’s look at what you get for watches priced in the $100 – $200 range.

1) Bertucci 12122 A-2T:

For its money, this is on the best men’s wristwatches on the market. In some ways, the design reminds me of the Timex Expedition range. The Bertucci 12122 A-2t is part of the company’s ‘Original Classics’ line. Lightweight titanium has been used to construct this watch; it has a sandblasted finish and a 40mm watch face.

This is another watch for the outdoor enthusiast, and with its matt finish and a patented two-ply nylon strap, it has looks to die for.

Perhaps a catchier name, though?

Bertucci Men's 12122 A-2T Original Classics Durable Titanium Field Watch

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2) Orient ‘Bambino’:

I so love this watch. There was a time when the more bells and whistles you could stick on a watch mattered. It was a time when manufacturers aimed for the most futuristic look possible.

Not with the Bambino, it reminds me of a watch that my father used to have. I remember thinking how ancient it looked, how old-fashioned. This watch very much reminds me of this.

Somehow the Bambino has achieved a nostalgic look, yet at the same time modern. But don’t be fooled by the retro-feel; under the bonnet, this watch features automatic movement, stainless steel bezel, and a stunning leather strap.

Orient Men's "Bambino Small Seconds" Japanese-Automatic Watch

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3) Seiko 5 SNZF17:

For my 21st Birthday, I wanted a watch, not just any watch though, it was a Seiko. I’d spotted it in the window of a jeweler close to where I lived. I used to stop and stare at it almost daily. On my 21st Birthday I finally got to wear it. From then on, I’ve always had a soft spot for Seiko. And this one is a stunner.

Seiko’s have always had a dependable automatic movement, and it is upon this foundation that the Seiko 5 is built. Add to this that this water-resistant to 100m has a stunning stainless-steel case and a chunky and comfortable strap.

Seiko 5 Automatic Black Dial Stainless Steel Men's Watch SNZF17

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The Best Men’s Luxury Watches:

I will list a couple of watches in this category; it pains me that I can’t have them all.

1) Rolex Yacht-Master II:

Or to give it its official title, The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II.

No list of high-end luxury watches can be complete without listing at least one Rolex watch. Ask the man in the street to name a luxury watch brand, and you can be sure that most of them will answer ‘Rolex.’

Also known as the ‘Large Rolex,’ the Yacht-Master II is undoubtedly a beast of a watch, at 44mm diameter. This watch is big and bold, but this is an awe-inspiring piece of watch building if that’s your thing.

It’s a Rolls-Royce among watches, a status symbol. It goes beyond being a mere timepiece, but at the end of the day, that’s what it is—a Watch.

Quality emanates from every micron of this machine; it oozes mechanical beauty.

Enough said I can but dream.

Mens Watches

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2) Omega Seamaster 007 James Bond 50Th Anniversary Limited Edition:

Just like the large Rolex, this Omega watch is also a beast. The watch comes with a black dial with the James Bond 007 logo. I’m a James Bond fan, and love to buy this watch but cannot buy due to its high price. The watch costs more than $8000.

This Omega watch is an automatic watch and is COSC chronometer certified.

Omega Seamaster 007 James Bond 50Th Anniversary Limited Edtion Midsize Watch

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In conclusion:

Why buy a watch? Because they’re awesome, that’s why. From the best mens watches under 2000 to the best bruiser that is the Rolex Yacht-Master II, watches are stunning pieces of machinery that make life simpler, make you look like the fashion statement that men usually aren’t.

And isn’t it just lovely to wear something that so much thought and care goes into, and to have the pleasure of letting tell you the time?


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