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Dresses To Wear On Your First Date To Impress Your Man

Dresses To Wear On Your First Date

Just like other events, a first date is also very crucial in everyone’s life. Unlike men, women are always worried about their dressing, especially on their first date. Women usually ask their friends and family members that “What shall I wear on my first date?”

However, even after listening to everyone, you still feel nervous and think about looking perfect on your date. The first date is always a scary and nerve-racking day, and these dressing concerns make it more nervous. Girls think that what will happen if my man doesn’t like me just because of my dress?

Now stop asking others that “what to wear on my first date?”. We are here to help you out and make you look perfect, here we gathered some of the best outfits/ dresses that you can wear on your first date. However, there are different types of dates like a coffee date, movie date, etc. and every date has its dressing requirements. But don’t worry here you can find out the best dresses for all types of dates that will make your man speechless.

Types Of Dates:

  • Casual/ Coffee dates
  • Dinner date
  • Drinks date
  • Movie date
  • Blind date
  • Beach date
  • Concert date

Dresses To Wear On Your First Date:

Below are some of the best dresses for different types of dates that you can wear to impress your man:

1) Dresses For Casual Date/ Coffee Date:

Your man may ask you to come to an adventure land or a coffee shop, and therefore a casual outfit is must for this date. Achieve the best style by wearing a simple dress. It can be a pair of denim jeans with a blazer or a mini skirt. Keep the colors bright as men like bright colors on women.

Also, the dress material shall be comfortable so that you feel relaxed and comfortable. Below are a few dress options that you can try on your casual/ coffee date:

1) Denim Jeans With Blazer Or Jacket:

A denim jeans look suitable on any occasion, and when paired with any stylish blazer or jacket, it makes you look the best. The outfit makes your man speechless when worn with pumps or sneakers.

Some Of The Best Jeans And Blazers On Amazon:
1) Luvamia Women’s Long Sleeve Blazer:

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2) Ofenbuy Women’s Casual Blazer:

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3) NYDJ Women’s Marilyn Straight Leg Denim Jeans:

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2) Stylish Top With Skinny Jeans:

A pair of stylish top and jeans is one of the best dresses to wear on your first date. You will feel comfortable and relaxed in this elegant pair of tops and jeans.

Some Of The Best Tops And Jeans:
  • Zaful Striped Ribbed Crop Top:

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  • Dresslily Halloween Skull Long Sleeve Lace Top:

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  • No nonsense Women’s Denim Leggings With Pockets:

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2) Dresses To Wear On A Brunch Date:

A brunch date is a combination of both breakfast and lunch, and brunch is taken usually in place of both. A brunch can have the foods that you eat at breakfast and also the meals that you take in lunch.

Dressing on a brunch date is confusing because you have to dress that looks good in sunlight since there will be no dim lights. Also, the dress shall be cool and comfortable. A floral dress or a summer dress is the best ft for a brunch date.

Some Of The Best Dresses To Wear On Your First Date:

Below are some of the best summer and maxi dresses that you can wear on your first date:

  • DressLily High Low Mesh Panel Flounce Gothic Dress:

Dresslilly Low Mesh Dress
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  • DressLily Spider Web Lace High Low Gothic Dress:

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  • Dearcase Women Long Sleeve Maxi Dress:

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3) Best Outfits To Wear On A Movie Date:

Watching a movie together is a traditional dating style that all couples want to enjoy. Going for a film does not require an expensive or standard dress; however, the outfit must be stylish. A pair of loose jeans and a modern or strapless top is the best outfit for a movie date.

Some Of The Best Dresses To Wear On A Movie Date:

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  • ECOWISH Cotton Soft Palazzo Wide Leg Pant For Women:

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4) Best Dresses To Wear On A Drink Date:

A drinks date is not very usual, but you can’t afford to look bad on your drinks date. Choosing the best dress for a drinks date is quite difficult since you have to go in the evening and have to spend less time since it’s not a dinner date. Therefore, the first priority of every woman is too look stylish and beautiful in each second of their drinks date.

You cannot wear a casual dress on a drinks date and also can’t wear an uncomfortable dress. Therefore, a loose dress like a jumpsuit or a romper is the best outfit for a drinks date.

Some Of The Best Jumpsuits And Rompers:
  • Calvin Klein Women’s Belted Jumpsuit:

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  • Zaful Ruffles Floral Strapless Romper:

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  • Lacozy Wide Leg Pants Jumpsuit:

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5) Best Outfits To Wear On A Dinner Date:

A dinner date is the most romantic date, and since it’s a romantic date, so you have to look pretty and sexy to impress your man. An elegant strapless dress or a sexy backless dress is the best fit for a dinner date. Black, white, and grey color outfits are more preferred for a dinner date. Pairing your outfit with some stylish pair of heels and delicate jewellery will make you look stunning.

Some Of The Best Dresses To Wear On A Dinner Date:
  • Zaful Slit Floral Criss Cross Maxi Dress:

Zaful Red Floral Dress
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  • Just Quella Women Sexy Clubwear Backless Party Dress:

Just-Quella Mini Dress
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Dresslily Lace Panel Sweetheart Neck Dress
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6) Best Dresses To Wear On A Beach Date:

Having an outdoor date is fun. Therefore, many couples plan to go on the beach for a picnic, barbeque or enjoying the weather. Beach date is the most difficult date since you have to keep glowing in the Sun. Soft fabric dresses like chiffon and lightweight cotton are the best dresses for a beach date.

These fabric clothes help you remain cool in the Sun so that you can walk and enjoy better. A midi or maxi dress is the best fit for this type of date. Wear this outfit with a pair of stylish sandals, and you’re good to go. Remember to choose glowing colors.

Some Of The Best Outfits To Wear On A Beach Date:
  • MedeShe Chiffon Floral Holiday Beach Maxi:

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  • Adrianna Papell Floral Chiffon Dress For Women:

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7) Best Dresses To Wear On A Concert Date:

Dressing for a concert is already a challenging task, and dressing for a concert date is more challenging. Because on a concert date you have to look stylish and also be comfortable, you have to wear a dress in which you can easily walk and dance.

One of the best dress to achieve both balance and comfortless is a piece of leather jacket paired with a simple top and skinny jeans. The leather jacket will make you look stylish and sexy, and also you won’t be uncomfortable after wearing it. Minimal accessories like boots and little jewellery will give you an edge.

Some Of The Best Outfits To Wear On A Concert Date:
  • Bellivera Faux Leather Jacket With Stylish Fur:

Bellivera Faux Leather Jacket
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  • BlankNYC Moto Jacket For Women:

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8) Dresses To Wear On A Blind Date:

Blind dates are always fun and also very nervous dates because you don’t know much about your partner. A blind date happens when you both meet on dating or chatting app and build your relationship. Usually, expectations are very high on a blind date since both want to make a long-lasting impression.

A blind date is usually your first date, and therefore it is difficult to select the best outfit. However, there are some dresses to wear on your first date that makes your life easy. These dresses include a pair of stylish/ sexy tops, skirt and boots/ pumps. Doing light makeup will make you look even more beautiful.

Some Of The Best Skirts And Tops For A Blind Date:
  • DressLily Ruched Slit Side Drawstring Skirt:

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  • Zaful V-shaped Back Cord Embellished Tank Top:

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  • SAUKOLE Strap Button Down Tops:

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Some Extra Tips To Select The Best Dresses To Wear On Your First Date:

Are you still asking others “what to wear on my first date”? Below are some extra tips that might clear your confusion.

  • Select your dress based on the weather conditions and date location.
  • Choose comfortable clothes and don’t be nervous.
  • Put light makeup and stylish accessories to make your outfit more unique.
  • Choose those clothes that express your personality.

Dresses You Should Not Wear On Your First Date:

Making the best impression is everyone’s priority; however, there are some dresses that you shall not wear on your first date like you shall not wear any dress that is uncomfortable or itchy. Try to avoid deep-neck or open dresses as many decent men don’t like to get your body exposed. Try to avoid those colors that your partner doesn’t like (if you any about his likes/ dislikes).


It cannot be denied that a beautiful dress makes a woman beautiful; however, you won’t look beautiful if you are nervous or depressed no matter how beautiful the dress is. Therefore, you should look comfortable and relaxed in front of your partner.

Try to do other things also like manicure pedicure, little makeup, decent color lipstick (that attracts your man to kiss you). These small things also play a vital role in impressing your man.


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